The essential single diaphragm pump was created by J. Pease in 1854 (while others within the same 10 years) and saw several patents in the finish of last century and a lot of patents track of the twenty-first century. All which still provide the tradition of connecting robotically two elastic diaphragms or flexible membranes inside an opposite mirrored the thought of fluid transfer. Both membranes (one each side in the pump body) have an angling fishing rod (passing the middle in the pump body) for synchronized and pure mechanical operation is driven by pressured air.

The mammalian heart inspires the Mnemosyne pump

An individual's mammalian hearts can be a dynamic, untiring, precisely adjustable double pump arranged compactly in one unit with lifetime different 1-2 billion (1-2x1012) pump strokes. The middle has 4 valves, 2 inlet chambers, and two power chambers. The 2 inlet chambers Atrium supply via 2 one-way valves Tricuspid, Mitral the two Ventricles power chambers with fluid. The Two Ventricle muscle walls, Myocardium contracts according to needs and pressure bloodstream using the 2 one-way valves Lung, Aortic in the heart and to the body.

The contraction in the Atrium and Ventricle muscle wall is controlled with the Sinoatrial Node - the hearts natural Pacemaker. An individuals heart is further fully encircled with the Pericardium membrane for contact protection inside Thorax (chest cage) for pressure protection (sketch from Wikipedia).

Mnemosyne choice of Single-Use-Pump incorporates

The Sinoatrial Node, the Pacemaker (Apollon CPU module) control dynamically the career from the Myocardium muscles being a little bit of thick Latex sheet, the white-colored-colored diaphragm (Myocardium). Fully controlled valves arranged on Lung Artery, Vena Cava, Aorta, and Lung Vein. The Pericardium membrane is ideal for Mnemosyne inside the Ventricle and follows laminated for the Myocardium muscle wall its movements. Pericardium membrane is wetted and steer obvious of liquid hire Myocardium Latex diaphragm. The freely floating Myocardium diaphragm pressure, convey controlled within the Ventricle chamber liquid even though the hoses, Aorta, Artery when expanded and sucks liquid into Ventricle from Vena Cava, Lung Vein when relaxed. The Myocardium Latex diaphragm is pre-extended and kept in position with the dome, Thorax.