Simple Analysis of Application for the Stainless Steel Valve

A Simple Analysis of Application Area for the Stainless Steel Valve

The stainless steel valve has stepped into the industrial application because of its long service life, rust prevention, environmental protection and other advantages. It has become the necessary valve for pipeline industry. Thus customers should request the seller to offer various certificate of stainless steel production and factory quality before buying the stainless steel. You also can detect the valve by spectrograph. The spectrograph has been widely used because of high precision and wide range of application. Over the past few years it has a swift development in the application of detective area of precious metal and stainless steel valve. Some valves like 304, 316L, mainly depends on the equipment detecting can decrease your chance to buy the unqualified products.
The stainless steel valve usually applied in the occasion that has corrosive media, such as the corrosive media, foodstuffs, medicine, oils, liquid metal and radioactive media and other chemical products. Under such area corrosion resistance of any valve materials for the working media are relatively limited and is influenced by many other factors. If we take the appropriate way of processing technology and heating processing technology during manufacture, and then we can guarantee the corrosion resistance of the material. But in the media of nitric acid with a concentration of 98 per cent, no mater what kind of heating process technology you choose, this stainless steel has no corrosion resistance. Thus choose the ball valve, brake valve, stop valve, check valve and so on according to the working media nature, you should do research at the same time on the media concentration, temperature and material heating process technology and other factors which will affect the corrosion resistance. Thus you can choose better material like 316L, 904 or titanium valve.
With continuous development of the petrochemical industry, the request of the stainless steel valve is increasingly high. Besides go on improving the quality of the conventional valve such as J41W stainless steel stop valve, Z41W stainless steel brake valve and so on, especially the demand of Q41F stainless steel ball valve for the corrosion becoming increasingly huge, such as ethylene cracking facility, polyethylene equipment and polypropylene facility of the ethylene production, the PTA facility (purified terephthalic acid), polyester facility and terylene spinning equipment of the chemical fiber production, we still need to make effort to develop the corrosion resistance technology. The 316L stainless steel valve has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, portable, long shelf life and other advanced characterisitcs.

The society is on progress while the industry is increased. More and more industry use the stainless steel valve. The new industry and new products will gradually take place of the iron valves. This will offer new opportunities to stainless steel valve industry. It has a good future of market development.
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