Pumps Industry Needs Technology Innovation

Pumps Industry Needs Technology Innovation

Nowadays, under the background of the huge demand in such areas as environmental protection, electronic high-tech development and sustainable development, rapid changes of technology and development has taken place in many industries including pump industry or other fields. It is predicted that pumps will develop in the direction of intelligent, will be capable of supervising parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and vibration, will be able to assess the shaft, bearing and seal condition of pump and diagnose the cause of the fault, etc.

The chairman of the China automotive engineering society, Yuwu, Fu recently said that the electric drive will not be able to fully replace the internal combustion engine before 2050, in the meantime, water pump, oil pump will also face the challenge of the lightweight and modular development.

To lead the tide of pump and oil pump industry of internal combustion engine industry, accurately grasping the development trend of the pump technology is the basic skills. The development of pump technology like that of other industries, is driven by market demand.

Energy conservation and emission reduction need innovation
As technology advances, pump will certainly develop toward the production of intelligence. Pump will be capable of supervising parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and vibration, will be able to assess the shaft, bearing and seal condition of pump and diagnose the cause of the fault, etc. The technology development of magnetic drive pump, diaphragm pump industry will be embodied in the design of electronic control system, actuator device and new materials, etc.

It is necessary to scientize the theory and design method. This need to strengthen the basic theory of pump research, pay attention to interdisciplinary, edge discipline and the mutual penetration of emerging discipline. Theoretical research should focus on the inner flow measure, the prediction of numerical simulation and performance, the numerical calculation of unitary viscous flow, the theory and application of multiphase flow, the optimized design and diversified design of Pump.

The high technology of production and manufacture is the fundamental guarantee of product quality and price. The use of advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology not only ensures the product quality, but also shorten the design cycle, greatly improving the ability of product design, realizing the optimum design scheme to ensure the reliability of the product. At the same time, the computer integrated system (CIMS) and the application of virtual technology can greatly shortened production cycle of the pump and ensure the performance of the product.

Modular technology is an important trend in the development of pump technology. In modular pump series, only needing a few parts can make up the whole pump series, which can reduce production cost, shorten the time of delivery, reduce the inventory of parts and keeping. While the personalized development requires that products gradually tends to the direction of the more varieties and small batch.

In recent years, the development and application of various new materials is an important factor for promoting the development of pump technology. The main benefit of applying new kinds of materials to pump parts is to extend the service life in the corrosive medium, and to expand the application range of the pump. Meanwhile, the coating technology and surface treatment for improving the flow characteristics and the corrosion resistance has become increasingly important, so it has a broad application prospect.

Integration of traditional manufacturing and information technology
We are in the information age today, the pump designers have already use computer technology to develop and design product, such as the use of CAD, greatly improved the speed of the design itself and shorten the cycle of product design. In the manufacturing filed where the priority is given to production, manufacturing technology that represented by numerical control technology CAM has been applied to the production of pump.

Due to that the market require manufacturer should shorten the delivery time as soon as possible, especially for special products, the pump manufacturer inevitably need to accelerate the use of CAM technology, and even computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), a flexible manufacturing (FMC and FMS) for coordinated process of each link from design to mold manufacturing. In this way, once the design is complete, product parts processing is tend to be completed during this period, in order to ensure to shorten the production cycle.

At the same time, in addition to computer graphics, the computer also will be used to analyze the strength, forecast product reliability and complete three-dimensional design. The problems that need to be found and solved including problems in process, local structure and assembly will be given the advanced precaution to shorten the trial production period of the product.

While the product is becoming diversified, the pump as a universal product, total amount is still huge in general. In the market, despite the technical competition, the price competition of the product especially of those generalized product is the inevitable trend. With the trend of diversification, it is necessary to increase the degree of the standardization of product components and to realize modularity, so as to realize the competitive advantage of product price. After the parts realize modularization, the diversification of products can be realized by the combination of different modules or transformation of the characteristics of individual parts. Only after the standardization degree of parts increased can produce pumps based on the diversity of products parts. It can not only reduce the production cost, but also shorten the delivery cycle.

The intrinsic characteristics of the pump refer to those inherent features including the product performance, quality of parts, quality of assembly and appearance. Now it is a point that many pump manufacturers pay a lot of attention to. And actually, we can find that there are many products in the factory which conforms to requirements, tending to fail to reach the effect of inspection, such as overload, noise, service life, etc. These characteristics in running is called external characteristic or system characteristics of pump.

Now, pump manufacturers also provide control equipment or a set of equipment including frequency device for their user, which in fact is in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump. Based on this, focusing on centralized control system of pump to improve the efficiency of the pump and the whole pump station can elevate external characteristics of the pump to the next level.

From the marketing perspective, promoting products is to introduce intrinsic characteristics for selling products; While paying attention to the external characteristics of the pump is that manufacturers are not only selling products, but also promoting the whole pump station (a set of project). In terms of use, good products must be suitable for running environment rather than just for the inspection in factory.

Taking shielding pump as an example, to solve the seal problem of pump shaft must begin from the motor structure and the pump itself is no way to solve the problem. To eliminate noise, in addition to solving the flow pattern and the vibration of the pump, motor and electromagnetic noise need to be solved; To improve the reliability of submersible pump, protection measures such as leakage protection and overload precaution must be set up in the submersible motor; Improving the efficiency of the pump need to resort to the use of control technology and so on. These all explain that developing pump technology must start from forming a complete set of motor and controlling technology simultaneously. After comprehensive consideration, people can elevate the level of mechatronics.

Over the past ten years, the use of new materials and new technology is a major factor for promoting the development of pump technology. Pump materials ranging from cast iron to special metal alloys, from typical non-metallic materials such as rubber, ceramic to engineering plastics has played a prominent role in solving problems such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. At the same time, the use of new technology is playing a increasingly important role. For example, some manufacturers have designed and launched pump that all made of the engineering plastics. Comparing with general metal pump, plastic pump has the same strength and better wear-resisting and anticorrosion. New technology such as surface coating and surface treatment also can solve the problem of corrosion resistance and anti-wearing of pump. With the further development of science, new materials and new technology will be more widely applied in the pump field.