The Development Trend of Four Major Types of Valves

The Development Trend of Four Major Types of Valves

Market analysts believe that the development trend of four major types of valves will be the main topic of the market for quite a long time.

The distribution of valve market is mainly based on the construction of the project. Major user departments of valve are petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and urban construction department. Petrochemical industry mainly adopts API standard gate valve, globe valve and check valve; Power sector mainly adopts high temperature and pressure gate valve, globe valve, check valve and relief valve and part of low pressure butterfly valve and gate valve for water supply and drainage; The chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate valve, globe valve and check valve; Metallurgical industry mostly utilizes low voltage, large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen globe valve and ball valve; Urban construction department mainly adopts low-pressure valve, for example, the large-diameter gate valve is mainly used in urban tap water pipeline; The center line butterfly valve is adopted by building construction; The metal sealing butterfly valve is supplied for city heating; The flat gate valve and ball valve mainly used for oil pipeline; The stainless steel ball valve is mainly used for pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

The energy saving valve is developing towards large, small and new type series products, such as small valve, large valves and track-overhead-driven valve; Variable speed products compass wetlands valve, super wetland valve, desert valve, bushes valve, high temperature and high pressure valve, low temperature low pressure valve, heavy valve and light valve; Multi-functional valve can fulfill multiply purpose with high efficiency and energy conservation.

There are some promising products: large-scale valve, mechanical and electrical integration regulating valve, high-power caterpillar gate valve, new track ball valve series, small type butterfly. Hydraulic control valve with good performance is multi-purpose, such as large emissions, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, resistant to friction, zero leakage. Mastering development integration technology, computer technology, high level of monitoring technology of hydraulic control valves to ensure good reliability and high security.

Intelligent electric control valve is aiming at remote controlled high performance large control valve, so as to adapt to the need for large projects in some areas. Develop miniature regulator to satisfy such narrow operation as furrowing and digging canal and burring cables. Exploit new varieties of control valve to adapt to the needs of power stations, oil, coal, water conservancy, farmland, urban construction; Develop intelligent electric control valve to improve working conditions. Promising products are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric control valve, micro intelligent electric control valve, remote control type intelligent electric control valve. Valve industry is moving toward universal development of good performance, high security, high reliability and high level product, developing integrative large size valve that equipped with advanced technology, facilitating the transformative product towards the direction of generalization, standardization and serialization.