Probably the most common questions we obtain at SHINJO Engineering is all about motor enclosures. Maintenance personnel and engineers alike are uncertain which sort suits their application. They are fully aware it's vital to find the correct one, and even for good reason. The incorrect choice leaves pump motors susceptible to adverse conditions and potential failure.

Which motor enclosure suits my water pump?

There are numerous options with regards to motor enclosures. For example, a typical situation we encounter is pumps in wash lower applications. A water-resistant motor enclosure is needed if your pump has been cleaned and sanitized regularly. Within this situation, Totally Enclosed Wash Lower (TEWD) is probably needed. This kind of enclosure safeguard the motor from wet environments and water pressure during wash downs.

Here is a couple of others we advise for applications we have seen:

Open Drip-Proof (ODP) - Frequently selected for indoor, clean, dry locations. Air circulates with the windings, cooling the motor. This enclosure prevents water tiny droplets from entering the motor inside a 15 degree position from vertical.

Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated(TENV) - Used most frequently in environments in which a fair quantity of dirt or dampness exists. The enclosure isn't airtight, but doesn't have vent openings. Additionally, it doesn't have cooling fan.

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) - Such as the Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated enclosure, except it features a cooling fan. Utilized on pumps, compressors, fans, along with other belt-driven and direct connected equipment.

Weather Protected Type 1 (WPI) - As you may expect, the elements Protected Type enclosures are suitable for outside use. Their intention would be to prevent debris, dust, rain, and rodents from entering the motor.

Weather Protected Type 2 (WPII) - This enclosure is required on pumps that require a higher amount of protection. Ventilation air is routed in a way that airborne particles won't go into the electric areas of the motor. Air velocity can also be minimized so moisture and dirt will also not go into the electric areas of the motor.

Explosion Proof (Exp Proof) - These enclosures are equipped for hazardous applications. The enclosure will withstand a surge from the motor casing, stopping gases or hazardous air particles from igniting.

Should you aren?¡¥t sure which motor enclosure to pick for the pump or any other fluid process equipment, seek advice from an engineer well experienced in pumps and motors. They are able to recommend the enclosure which will safeguard the motor while increasing reliability and gratifaction.