T966Y Feed Water Electric Control Valve, ASTM A105

T966Y Feed Water Electric Control Valve, ASTM A105

T966Y Feed Water Electric Control Valve, ASTM A105

Short Description

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China Feed Water Electric Control Valve Manufacturer Shinjo Supplies T966Y Feed Water Electric Control Valve, ASTM A105, Electrical Actuator.
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Key Specifications / Features

T966Y Feed Water Electric Control Valve, ASTM A105Parts & Material
1. Body: A105.
2. Bonnet: A105.                                      
3. Stem: SS304/20Cr13.            
4. Disc: SS304/20Cr13.                    
5. Seat: SS304/ 20Cr13.                   
6. Sleeve: SS304.

Brif Introduction:

This T966Y feed water control valve is suitable for installing on the spraying water pipeline of the desuperheater, and its function is to adjust the cooling water so as to reduce the temperature of the steam of the boiler, it can also use on the other pipeline of the boiler and adjust the flow. The valve is derived by pneumatic actuator with positioner, and electrical actuator is also available. 


1. The valve must be installed on the pipeline vertically, connected with flange.
2. The flow direction on the valve body shall same to the installation direction.
3. In installation, the opening and closing position of the electric actuator shall same to the valve.
4. When clean the pipeline, some necessary measures shall be took in order to prevent the valve from sticking because of something left between the disc and seat, which may reduce the working life.

Confirmation Before Order:
1. Type (Including the actuator type, connect type, and material of the body and so on).
2. Nominal Pressure PN (MPa).
3. Nominal Diameter DN (mm).
4. Working Pressure (MPa).
5. Pressure differential of Water: Inlet pressure (MPa) and outlet pressure (MPa).
6. Water Temperature (℃).
7. Cv value or the maximal flow rate (t/h).
8. Other technical requirement.

If the electric actuator is applied, the controlling signal shall be noted (0~10 or 4~20mA), if the pneumatic actuator is applied, bellow information shall be noted:
1. If hand wheel is needed;
2. Air filter pressure reducer;
3. Positioner, if it is the electro pneumatic valve positioner, please note the electric signal (0~10 or 4~20mA);
4. Air supply pressure;
5. Air-closing or air-opening.

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